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๐Ÿ“„ Lost Book From a Survivor


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(The first five pages has information from before the outbreak, such as passwords, grocery lists, and to do lists.)

(Then we hit the 6th page)

Check the news, Lily said it's important.

People are being eaten, what is happening? Check up on Lily, and don't forget about Travis

I don't know what the hell is going on, I have no one, Lily isn't answering her phone, Travis isn't either, the car won't start,
and the whole neighborhood is in a panic.

I just shot someone, holy shit, they were running at me, they wouldn't stop when i told them, and tore down my front door. Where the hell is LILY?

(Blood is clearly stained on this page)


(Next page)

Travis just got back, i asked where he went. He was at the gas station, when shit hit the fan and he almost died to a lunatic.
I asked if he looked the same as the rotting person i shot, he said he looked as dead as him, even when he attacked him.

(Another faded blood stain)
Lily just got back, she was covered in blood. Said she got attacked by another lunatic, and practically tore themselves apart in the fight
I asked her if she was okay, besides the clear trauma and bruises. She was bitten, what is happening? What's causing them to eat people?

(Next page)

I boarded up the house, from what i know there's more lunatics, they're flocking like flies to the nearest sound, and more just keep coming

We nursed Lily's bite and cleaned her off a day ago, even disinfected, but looked like she still got an infection. She's drunk on medicine right now

I shot Lily, she woke up, me and Travis was asking if she slept well.
(The page has dried tears and smudged writing)
She launched at Travis, tore his neck out. She looked at me in hunger and i...

(Next page)

The shot rang the dinner bell for the house, i had to break a window and climb out, now my arm is bleeding.
Oh god Lily, why did you have to leave me, why did you eat Travis?

I slept in a car, some car off the road because it was night, sadly it didn't have a battery.
My eyes stole the moisture from my throat, i keep thinking of Lily, her happy eyes, her ability to change my day into a better one
And then her face, pale and necrotic, with her hair stained in blood.

(Next page)
(The handwriting seems a little different, must be a while after the last message)
If anyone finds this book, say to your currently alive loved ones, that you love them.
I never got the chance with my Lily, i promised her mother i would protect her, but i killed her.
This is my final goodbye, if you find my body, bury me, and have my stuff
I'm going to see my Lily, and say sorry. Goodbye.

(This book was stained in blood, the page was stained in blood, and it was found on a body, a necrotic, bloody body. With a revolver left in his hand)
(The book of Henry Staffer's last messages)

David (NordaHL)
Posted 1570248683
Life expectancy is short on Zworld, nice text.

I'm going to kiss my Lily. :)
Posted 1570249223
I should do more of these, they're more easy to think of and create than to pose.

And yes, you should kiss your Lily :D

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