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๐Ÿ“„ Diary of a police officer - Part 2


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This is a continuation of the story of surviving police officer Leon S.Kennedy

Days 38: While searching the city at night, in a military vehicle there was a continuous transmission of a summoning call in a mountainous area to call Boreas. he talks about a military bunker where they have plenty of living and military equipment. why not go for a walk.

days 39: looking for a place where I could get out of this city. I discovered a map of Boreas at the police station, so I followed the path indicating all avoiding the zombie as much as possible. finally I leave this cursed city may be that I discover other survivors and little zombie on my way.

Days 41: I arrived in Boreas, it is a little cold but I have a beautiful view of the snowy mountain of the latter. I just have to find the bunker now but it's not winning, there's a lot of zombies here too. Damn, I thought I'd get rid of these things, but I was terribly wrong ... the infection is spreading around the city to see more. I should go forward but with caution, I noticed in town that some zombie attack their victims to several and they are faster in band which I do not know why.

Days 42: I find the entrance of the bunker, at the entrance I find a vehicle armor, but a soldier pulled me on it but it misses me by little. I had time to hide myself but he takes me for a zombie dump by insulting me old organic waste, fortunately with a little patience he ended up showing me going towards my direction. once in front of me I had trouble but I managed to take his shotgun and knock him out with the butt, I tied it with a rope in one corner.

Days 43: It would seem that this bunker is more a cemetery than other things, I have seen full of corpses military, police and even civil. I think martial law was applied, but then there was a mutiny the same day and the only survivor was the guy I knocked out. the corpses are no longer of great freshness, they have been dead for at least 40 days and I think that the poor survivor had to undergo this terrible event that it much traumatize.

days 44: the living were almost exhausting, I think to mislead on this place, the military thought there would be a minority of people but they wanted all rationing or stash but there is almost nothing. The survivor probably all eat but I would see him when he wakes up.

Days 45: A horde had followed me when I was watching at the entrance, I had a lot of ball left until the survivor woke up and managed to cut the rope with a knife well hide on him. he finally helped me get rid of those zombies with one knife, but he seems more aggressive than before.

Days 46: After discussions, the survivor named Vlad and he was tasked to group survivors to the bunker but it turned out badly. he apologizes for shooting me I understand, lock here for 40 days have what to lose his head but he brought me good news. a group of survivors would have fled to seek refuge after the mutiny and would have taken refuge at the observatory and he was the only one to know about it but he thought it would not last long.

Days 47: Once restocking ammunition I leave the bunker with Vlad, we decide to return to the observatory with the vehicle of Vlad. after a long drive, but at least one is fast, we see with amazement a horde of zombie strive on survivors still alive. we finally helped them. In the same days we visit the camp and we see that it was well organized water, food and electronic equipment. we will be able to ask a moment.

days 48: the group of survivor wanted to make an expedition to the bunker but the trouble is that it is civilians they know not too much that beat in restricted environments and would not hold 2 seconds face a horde zombie.I decide to leave at the bunker with Vlad and another survivor, we refuel and leave for the bunker.

The diary was found by an unknown survivor, but nothing says that Leon and Vlad died during their exploration.

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Hey it me :D
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David (NordaHL)
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Something tells me you two were together. :)
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Oui et il a voulu une suite avec lui, j'ai accepter :3

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