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๐Ÿ“„ Officer John Lancaster


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Year: 1998
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Occupation: Police Officer [PATROL]

Day 1: Nothing out of the ordinary, my patrols around Union City are becoming the same every passing day. I hear this new internet website is becoming popular, it's called Google, I tried it at my desk and it has all the information you could ever want, it's like a library that is instant or something. Chief is thinking of getting a tech department installed here to prevent a thing called "Hackers" but we don't have the budget for all that science fiction bull crap. Since we had all those computers placed in last year my friend Casey Larsen has been playing that shooting game called...I can't remember it clearly but I think it's called quack or something. I look around the office and I see all my co-workers getting wives and having children, and here's me a nearly 30-year-old patrolman who hasn't had a girlfriend since I was 25! I need to settle down otherwise I am going to end up like the Chief.

Day 2: Something strange has been happening at Southside recently, all these guys in yellow hazmat suits have gone in and never returned, I think it is some kind of super virus or something. We've been told to make sure no one goes in, but hell if it's a super virus then I am not getting ill anytime soon. I am going to take a day off and chalk it up to some cold so I can get out of guard duty. Whatever it is in there it is famous on the news apparently, I hear it is all over America, maybe I won't need to take a fake sick day.

Day 3: Fucking insane! Whatever was in the hospital is now out and it's making people kill each other! I tried to get to my friend Casey but as I got down his street I saw his Green Car speed off towards the exit tunnel out of the city. I then tried to get to the station but it was harder than nails as these things are everywhere. Anyway I got in and Chief told us to stay inside and to get our riot gear on, I never even wore it before! It didn't matter the infected busted through the doors and it was a wild gunfight, I knew I couldn't stop it with my 9mm, so I went to the armoury and locked myself inside. Now don't think I tried to help the others inside but within seconds everything was a red mist. I stayed behind a cabinet until the noises stopped. I geared up like the Chief said and opened the door, now in situations like this the civies tend to go straight to the station to get weapons, but that will only cause more panic. I locked the armoury door. Now only Officers with a key can get in. I'm getting the fuck out of here, maybe to a colder place where their bodies are slower?

Day 4: Boreas, a place with less infected but more fucking assholes, great. My luck has just changed, instead of staying in this winter wonder hell hole I figured Fork City would be the ideal place for me, it has a fucking port and an army base! I'm getting answers or safety, so I ain't complaining. Oh and how my luck has changed? I found this car parked in the middle of the road, it was like it was begging to be stolen. Desperate times, desperate measures blah blah. Seems similar to Casey's one, but hey if he is stupid enough to park it here then it is his own damn fault. Fuck the cold I'm going the Fork City.

Day 5: You might be wondering if I killed any of these creatures yet, to be honest, I have but it ain't much to brag about since they are somewhat "living" and I am a cop after all, but hey if the world is ending let there be lead! I stopped for some guy waving his hands in the middle of the road, I know I know, what am I thinking? But don't worry he wasn't a bad guy, it was just his crazy daughter in the back seat that had the same eyes as the infected. When I mentioned that it would be best putting her down, he went nuts trying to grab for my gun, I let him have it. Now the both of them look like two peas in a pod, even the car as well. Anyway, enough heroics lets get to Fork before the Army get fucked over as we did in Union.

To be continued.


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