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John Bravo
Status: Alive

Name: John Bravo
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Date of Birth: 14/04/1982
Place of Birth: Germany
Spoken Languages: English, German

Detailed Informations

Brown hair | German Accent | Brown eyes | Wearing glasses
Friendly type of person, helping as much as he can, care about others
M4A1 on his back, MAC-11 on the holster, sledgehammer clipped to the side of the backpack


Mother - Died during the break in the hospital after spine surgery.
Father - Died during protecting the house and being overwhelmed by zombie runners.
Brother - Died on infection after being bitten by a walker during scavenging old car wrecks.


Before the break works as a car mechanic and having own mechanic store. Knowing exactly how a car works in those times since all of the cars were like a lego. Not really popular mechanic due to few wrongly repaired cars.

During the break day was driving his own car to the home, noticing many ''people'' walking around the highway since his store was 40 minutes away from home. During the drive, one of the zombies jumped to the front of his car and crash into him. As first moment he didn't know what is going on and as soon walks to the ''walker'' he noticed strange behaviour and groans from the corpse. Walker started slowly going towards him and John started running away to the forest. After a few days managed to get inside one of the infected city where he is stuck now due to the military.


Day 3
Everything going really crazy, zombies are around and military firing warning shots at anything that comes close, I tried... I closely got shot to the chest so I started running away. After getting inside the city nothing is there... except the zombies.

Day 14
I arrived in the city, not knowing anything inside... Found fire station and enters in. Been there for two days on supplies I collected inside alone.

Day 16 - Day
Great! I found the car. Kinda it was on street with a broken engine with a lot of walkers around it... Had to get rid of them and done the job quickly. Doing this alone was a little bit pushing up and risking that I will be bitten. However, I made it and started a little more scavenging around the city with a vehicle.

Day 16 - Night
Well, the night started coming from the horizon and I had to find some safe space where I won't be bothered by these brainless runners... They are fast but weak as a stick, nothing that sledgehammer could not fix. So I made little camp on top of the container and

Emma Lovegood
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It's Epic!

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