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๐Ÿ“„ Henry DaSilva Dairy Part 1


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Im Henry... DaSilva... I don't understand how this happend why it happend why did I managed to survive why did I choose to make this bloody dairy i don't know honestly.
Oh yeah let me tell you what happend.
I don't remember the day really still most of the dates will not be very accuarate , honestly now.
The first day of this terror was not that bad honestly for me beacouse I was outside the city around 40km. But I think in the city was well uh... a lot of terror.
I heard about this infection or outbrake from the TV ( i turned it on accidentally but managed to save my life in a way ). I honestly hope my family and even my brother... Markus well yeah we didn't spoke for 3 years I don't know why I didn't called him still i am sorry for not doing that.
Ok let's begin with this dairy.

Day 1: Nothing happend , just my normal routine eat drink do some work drink eat sleep.

Day 2: I prepared a backpack with some supplies beacouse maybe I will need them one day. I also barricaded the windows with some planks and I moved some furniture at the door so nobody can get in. Then I moved almost everything upstairs beacouse there I will live. I also had some things left in basement but there is kinda safe too I have a small escape hatch wich leads me to a old cabin near a lake. But I think I will live on roof beacouse there I am safer there than in the house honest.

Day 3: I turned on the TV to see what is happening and I saw that almost all the city's are down then the signal went off. I cooked some food to eat then I started cutting some trees it was the begining of the summer or I don't remember exactly but the winter is far far away... I hope so.

Day 4: I had a truck in my garage I wanted to see with my eyes what is happening in the city so I took a backpack with supplies and drove in the city.It was very very lonley and very silent I don't know what happend there but it's very strange. I came back home after I saw what happend in the city.

Day 5: I upgraded my truck by putting some iron plates and barbed wire for defense on it.

Day 6: I continued the upgrade of the house.

Day 7: I went to the city beacouse i needed food and water. There i found 3 survivors in the food shop David Amanda and Jack i told them that i have solar pannels and the food can survive more in my house than in that shop and they agreed with me and i took them and the food at my house.There they helped me put the food in the cold boxes and in the fridge.

Day 8: They helped me upgrade the house and my back yard. We also started planting vegetables in the ground so we can have food and Jack and David gone fishing.

Day 9: Nothing really happend we just helped Amanda with her vegetables all the day.

Day 10: A horde came we hid in the attic and we watched their movements and we learnt that during the day they are slow and during the night they are jogging.

Day 11: The horde almost left our zone but we still didn't do anything so we don't attract they attention.

Day 12: The horde left but we didn't do anything so they don't come back.

Day 13: We started reinforcing the house and the fences even more.

Day 14: I took Jack with me and gone with the truck to steal some solar pannels from the electricity station and we had luck we've got 6 solar pannels and 1 Electric generator and also some battery's so we can store the energy from the solar pannels.

Day 15: We placed the solar pannels the battery's and the generator and we started getting even more electricity and some heat too beacouse 2 of the solar pannels can generate heat.

Day 16: We continued fishing and taking care of the vegetables.

Day 17: We went in the city to see what is happening and we got ambushed by bandits and a horde came I honestly managed to escape I don't know what happend to David Amanda and Jack but I hope they are ok. I refugeed on rooftop of an motel

Day 18: I searched for some food and water and i was lucky i found some water and food.

Day 19: I started scouting the nearby areas so I can find my new friends but no luck. I think they are far far away. Still i think they are in the Secondary city where are a lot of big buildings an hospital an motel 2 factory's and a police station. They must be there !.

Day 20: I prepared myself to go to the Secondary city.

Day 21: I started to go to that city, I faced some infected but my machete took care of them. I also found a crashed train and found some resources who may help me in the future like a can opener compass binoculars and some ammo for my glock. Then i rested on rooftop of a gas station. I still had to walk 30 more kilometers till I reach the secondary city.

Day 22: I continued my journy to the secondary city. I faced some infected like always but in rest it was silent and yeah it was so scary beacouse it was silent but it was very very warm that day and the sun ohh now i understand why it was so silent. Still i made 29 km so i had 11 more km till i reach the secondary city i rested in a car this time.

Day 23: I reached the city finnaly and rested in a huge building. Still i heard some strange noises in the building but i didn't found anything.

======End of Part 1 Henry's DaSilva Dairy======
|-=-=-|>Part 2 coming soon<|-=-=-|

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One day when i finish this dairy serie i will make a huge dairy with all parts.
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Still in this dairy my english is better than the Markus DaSilva dairy's ;D

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