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๐Ÿ“„ Henry DaSilva Dairy Part 2


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Day 24: I checked the building better and managed to get some essential supplies like water food nails duck tape some planks wire rope glue and a few more tools. I started reinforcing the area i managed to enter because the rest was destroyed or full of debris.Of course I ate some food I drank some water and then went to sleep.

Day 25: Today... well i went to explore the city a little more i discovered that near the motel are fences with barbed wire and a horde of zombies , of course i avoided that and explored the hospital pd the factory's and a few more buildings. I didn't found supplies honest still i have only two more choices the second big building or the motel. Of course like a normal human I chosen the big building and i found the same supplies i found in my building tools materials and some food but , but I found a glock and a few rounds for it.

Day 26: I just stayed in the building cooked and reinforced , I also watched the nature I slept under the sun so it was a relaxation day I didn't do anything I just chilled.

Day 27: The same thing because i was very very lazy that day , honestly I don't know why I was so lazy maybe because it was very cloudy and rained in the morning and in the evening.

Day 28: Today , it was a nice day for exploring i went into the forest got some wood i found some cars i checked them and found ammunition for my glock a few tools duck tape and a backpack with some battery's a flashlight food and water. Then in the evening I came back home and I chilled like any normal human after exploring.

Day 29: I saw some bandits getting out from the motel , I knew my friends are there so I went fast to a military station nearby and found weapons and explosives.

Day 30: Liberation day. A sunny day the zombies gone to another city for unknown reasons , perfect day for liberating my friends. So i threw some boomy things in their base and booom !! again again and again then i climbed up on a rooftop and started with my awesome m-24 ( a sniper ) headshooting some mother fuckers some thieves.
Then i managed to get them out of the fucking motel and boomed them all then I went into the motel and liberated my friends. Also we started living in the building because the motel was kind of dangerous. U know that thing when you have the high ground you are safe like in SW Revenge of The Sith Anakin got cut because Kenobi had high ground ;D.

Day 30: We started scrapping the motel and upgrading our base with solar panels battery banks to store the energy generated by the panels. So all the day we worked to upgrade our shelter.

Day 31: We played some games we all slept under the sun. We chilled all the fucking day and yeah that's how i will start speaking because it's already a fucked world so it doesn't matter that I speak like that.And yeah another important thing for this dairy Amanda and David have a crush on each other and yeah today they told each other that thing and they are in love and that's good for all of us because we can watch them and they can be happy in a fucked world like this.

Day 32: We started gathering some wood , stone food medicine tools ammo boomy things pistols rifles snipers and many more things for our shelter from the city motel and nearby zones.

Day 33: We found 2 more survivors while we were searching for supplies Nick and Seyit. One was priest one was a police officer. When Amanda and David heard we've found a priest well you get it what they wanted to get married.

Day 34: The new survivors taught us some tricks when killing a zombie like hitting their knee and putting a knife in their brain. Smart trick...

Day 35: Amanda and David got married. At least they are happy in this... world.

Day 36: A horde came and we had to do some roof jumping because they got trough our defences and reinforcements. Sadly the priest , Nick died the zombies got him before he tried to jump on the other roof.

Day 37: We heard that Jack is bitten and yeah he convinced us to kill him because he was good for nothing he was very tired and sick. So we did it ๐Ÿ™.

Day 38: Me David Amanda and Seyit we were broken so we didn't do anything we just stayed on the roof at least we had some supplies from our shelter.
Let me tell you what we talked that day ( only the important talk ).
-So Henry where were going next ?
-I don't know to my house ?
-I don't know it's too far away.
-How far is it ?
-Around 70 80 or 60 I don't know.
-I found a car we need only a battery maybe we could use it.
-Nice Seiyt ur gaining trust from us.
-So where we can find a battery.
-We had one in our shelter.
-Aw crap.
-We must make the infected get out of the building and someone go fast and get it.
-Il do it.
-No David don't do it what if i will loose you ?
-Amanda is right you are fresh married il do it.
-No Seiyt il do it.
-You sure ?
-Yeah ive been trough more dangerous things than this. How do you think i managed to get here.
-Then what we gonna do ?
-Seyit and David you gonna attract the zombies and then climb back fast on the roof.
-Amanda u stay on the roof and help me if i will need any help.
-Yes Sir !
-Ye Henry!
-Ok prepare tomorrow we will do this.
-Good night survivors.
-Good night.

====End of Part 2 Henry DaSilva Dairy====
-=>Part 3 coming soon<=-


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