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Day 39: We did as we planned but I will tell you what was really going on at that time so yeah you get it I didn't wrote for 30 or 40 days on this dairy so yeah I'l tell you what really happened. So David was a trash he betrayed a lot of us , killed only to survive. So I was in that building I took supplies and he wanted to kill me and Amanda too looks like he is a liar about the love for her and he shoot her and when I saw her getting shoot I tough the bandits came again the remaining ones... but strange thing he shoot her in the head and then tried to shooting Seyit . Seyit didn't knew what was happening so he started shooting in the forest. I jumped on the other roof and I put down the supplies and I looked at Amanda a bit and then I started shooting in the forest. Wasted bullets I could've just waste 1 single fucking bullet on David and end his bloody life.We rested in the refugee on the roof that night.

Day 40: We started going to my house. We've met some infected but we killed them no problem.

Day 41: The same thing.

Day 42: We arrived because we walked all the day 41 night.But all the day we rested.

Day 43: We started a talk about Amanda. I told that the gunshoot what i heard was the same as the one of the David gun. Of course David told I am crazy at that moment I realized that he is lying. Then we started gathering food water and resources.

Day 44: I started a talk about Amanda again to hear more. Seyit told me that he didn't saw anybody in the forest and if somebody would wanted to attack us they would shoot all of us not only Amanda they could've shoot me or David. After that talk I started a private talk with Seyit and told what I figured out after these talks.

Day 45: I checked David pistol because he didn't shoot any infected with that pistol he used a rifle. And I know that in the night before that horrible day he told me that he has a full mag. Yeah I had enough evidence that he is the killer. When I and Seyit started to talk about what we've found he pulled out the gun and shoot Seyit in the shoulder and I shoot David in the hand and after that in the legs. Then I took him and brought it to a small group of zombies to eat him of course I was silent but when i put a knife in his wounds he attracted the zombies and you know what happened. Of course in meantime I took care of the Seyit wound.

Day 46: Seyit got lucky with only a scratch so we actually chilled that day and talked about a lot of things here's what we talked about David:
-Bloody bastard!
-He killed his bloody wife.
-Then he tried to kill me.
-Don't worry Seyit I took care of him.
-How ?
-You don't want to know.
-Seriously how ?
-I brought it to a small group of zombies.
-Good , that's what he deserved.
-Eaten by zombies when being alive.
-How is your wound doing ?
-Good I feel better. Also thanks you saved my life.
-No problem.
-We need to take care of each other now we are alone and we are very very exposed to bandits and yeah we better find more people.
-No !
-We don't need other's to survive.
-You saw what happened to Amanda.
-Yeah maybe you are right.
-Let's hope so...
-Still some new people wouldn't ruin anything.
-But we must be careful.
-Remember this trust nobody except yourself.
-Don't even trust me maybe I killed Amanda don't you ever tough that ?
-Good point.
-Yeah i'l get to work.

Day 47: We did as we told each other we've found some new survivors Amy Muruvet Jack and Thomas.They were kind and helpful.

Day 48: We started a small community in my house everything was working very well.

Day 49: Honestly from now to day 57 Nothing happened everything was perfect.

===End of Henry DaSilva Dairy Part 3===
---{[<=-----<Part 4 coming soon>-----=>]}---


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