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๐Ÿ“„ "The military won't come for us"


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(This recovered paper was found in the abandoned evacuation center taped on a wall near Rockford county)

"You are reading this, it's what the paper is for, and all I have to tell you is this:

the fucking military is gone, they ain't coming back, the National Guard won't come back for us! You all might think that we were just the unfortunate that missed the helicopters to somewhere nice and sterile of the undead, well guess what? We're already dead!

You don't believe me? Well take a fucking look around you, sniff the air a bit. Decay is all that you will smell, of the uncountable bodies of the poor people that thought the National Guard would do anything else than breath and cheat. You are all sheep.

This place is now collecting dust and bodies, it's completely devoid of anything useful, it's here to remind us how ignorant the some of us were, and a reminder that we NEVER let ANYONE 'help' us out, because they're mostly in it for themselves.

Everyone before the outbreak thought that 'I' was the crazy one, telling them that the Government won't help us any when anything happens to the majority, and they're only trying to take oil and put more taxes on us for more profit. We were just cattle, but no one thought nothing of it.

But I'm not gonna take that sitting down, I'm gonna put down all the wolves, and then put down all the ignorant sheep that you people are, believing that the 'high and mighty' will come back for their damsels in distress.

What a fucking joke you all are, it's a damn shame what the world turned out to be, but I'm glad I'll get to hear the baa's of a lot of sheep getting culled, because your savior won't come for you, because the military won't come for us, but be glad that I will come for you.

Now cry and scream as loud as you can when I come, like the sheep you are."

(The identity of the original writer is unknown, and may already be deceased)

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I've been listening to a weird album I found, called "The Talking Book", it's full of apocalypse-ish music, and it likely inspired me to write this, a deranged man outraged at the state everything turned out, not at the apocalypse, at the "ignorant sheep".

Hero's and survivors are one thing, but the minds of the many bandits and villains in the world of Zworld is a thing not explored that much.
David (NordaHL)
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There is much that has never been explored. Who has never planted a seed or caught a fish. ๐Ÿ™‚

But yes, a team that plays the bad guys would be nice. The problem is that when a survivor on Zworld dies his survivor dies for real.

That's why I made an update that adds an Event mode. And when activated the survivor is not lost at the time of death. ๐Ÿ™‚
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1574403410
I will try to find your musics. ๐Ÿ™‚

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