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๐Ÿ“„ Mr John Diary

Your favorite Heavy

Posted 1548372229 (Edited)
Hello, my name is Mr John, Im a normal survivor like everyone. Today i found Winter Camo and some beanies, im stuck at a Apartment 2 of the Apartment building 102, Stairwell north. with very few supplies, i hope dont die today...
I was also bit, but i got 8 pills for that.

Its the 22 PM and its very dark outside, i'd rather dont go outside till tomorrow
My door was broken down. I will stay at my room before i die, i need to make some kind of barrier.
They got inside, im a little wounded but nothing too serious.

Day 2: I found a pistol and its ammo, i think im ready, also i went for supplies at the fire station, where i found the gun.

I fought a large group of zombies to the death.
I got surrounded by zombies on a staircase, i will jump. i hope not to die.

Mr John died from the fall, he had a lot of stuff.

Your favorite Heavy
Posted 1548372346
I survived 22hrs and killed 28 zombies in Rockeford btw

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