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"The road to nowhere"
Northeastern Oklahoma, on the highway to Missouri, there's a town nearby that has been on the decline for a while. Having to deal with an out of date economy and inflation, businesses where closing.
The infection didn't help, it started new lives but for the worse, and the National Guard didn't consider helping the town a little bit.

The town was nearly wiped out, except for a few survivors, Mary Falcht, Aiden Falcht, Franklin Wendale, and Caleb Redwood.

For a month, they looted the town for whatever could help them, Franklin Wendale's Gun store, the Cougar Supermarket, and some pharmacies. But the town ended up becoming overrun with zombies.
A week later, they're heading to Missouri, hopefully finding somewhere to stay along the way, or settling with the Falcht's grandfathers house.

Every town they saw was overran and looted, they didn't have faith for the future, as far as they know, they're on the road to nowhere.

"Gone Hunting"
(No story made for this)

When the world ends, there's no more law, it's you and the elements. Groups crop up, most wanting to live as long as they can, scraping up the remnants of the world behind.

Bandit groups are in the same situation, but use different tactics. They scare off groups from certain places by shooting them, whether it hits or not. Sticking up groups for their stuff or their lives. Or wipe the groups out entirely, and looting their bodies.

One bandit group decided pocket shots would scare another group off from an unlooted military outpost, but no one would pass up free munitions.

The skirmish begun, chased through the outpost, and out the fenced perimeter. Both groups dwindled down in members, and began to be fatigued.

In the end, the bandit group decided that 4 people and 2 critically injured people, along with the 5 others that died, can't carry a lot of munitions to matter, so they retreated, leaving the other group to regret even pursuing.

The group lost 9 in the fight. Now they ponder if the munitions was worth the fragile, brave lives of their friends.

I hope the stories aren't too long, but i had a lot of fun making these.
(For some reason, none of the buttons isn't working, including the preview button, so i don't know if this will look good until after i post.)
Thank you for seeing these!

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I've noticed some mistakes after posting, such as the missing space and incorrect use of where, it's my fault though. It's fine though.
David (NordaHL)
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Nice !

Once I have made a system to log the changes, it will be possible to edit its own posts. For the moment the editing is restricted to the staff for security reasons. :)
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