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๐Ÿ“„ Survival guide


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U join on a summer server where is raining a lot.
1 I recommend taking clothes with u so u can be dried and a lighter too or matches.
2 Try to make a base near a lake beacouse u can get water and fish from there and u can survive a while.
3 Try farming some vegetables ( if u can beacouse i never ever farmed beacouse i don't know how)
4 Make sure u have a pistol and ammunation
5 Try to live on rooftops.
6 Make friends.
1 Find clothes so u don't freeze
2 Try get a base near a lake or a store with fridges
3 Make sure u have a lot of matches and wood with you even paper if you can.
4 Make friends !!
5 Make sure you have a bow or something silent to fight with beacouse during the winter u need to be detected 0.
6 Live on rooftops but make sure u make something by wood so u don't freeze.

I know this guide is trash but it may help you sometimes ;D.


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