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๐Ÿ“„ Discord Ban


Posted 1568228150
So I've apparently been banned from the ZWorld Official Discord without a real reason, as I haven't been active there in a few months. If you all are just banning people for inactivity then I would recommend finding a better way of dealing with an overcrowded server

Emma Lovegood
Posted 1568270009

Ignored no, but the night its the night. Sorry for it... If its day in US its night in France.

Your friend advertised his discord on our discord, without any authorization. Which we don't tolerate, because you've already used your discord against us in private, then people come in angry to spread misconstrued information. Its it was not the first time. I didn't know I wasn't the first the time you targeted me.

I noted every time there's a drama or problem with Bhoppin, you join our discord and you participate and then when its over you leave the Discord, I don't call it participating in community life...
So after a while... When we saw you coming back right after we made the decision to banish your friend, we assumed it was for the same thing.

By attacking the atmosphere of trust, Well, you end up not knowing what to think. And being forced to be careful.

We don't want your dramas here. Just work in peace.

For this, the rules are the same for everyone.

Best regards, (sorry for my translation)
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1568276218
Hello, Motion when you say we Banning people for inactivity this is again a fake information(your invention), never us banned a user because he is not active, this is exactly this kind of act we want fight. We waste too much time on development by taking care of this kind of situation.

It is once again taking hative conclusions and spreading them. And its always the same group, your. What you are accused of is your method of doing that constantly leads to Dramas and internal conflicts, and that is not welcome here.

We're not trying to be toxic to you. I don't understand why you're acting this way, if you're amused. Its just not cool.

For the moment the trust is broken between us. It's best to avoid trying to hurt us with fake information, if you keep doing this, it's not gonna work out between us.
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1568357012
About : questions and communication moved to the Discord server

No, never we do that. I created this forum after the Discord, this forum is more recent than our Discord.
I prefer to use the forum. When I'm in an area with very few networks I can not launch applications. This forum to me is still quickly accessible.

We didn't transfer any systems on Discord. On our Discord not everyone connects their steam account with their Discord account. Here is directly with the game account you write, when it ignites something I can quickly check its logs, no need ask the steamid and wait a answer to wait the wrong steamid. Since the account here is linked to the steam account.

When problems and bugs are reported, I can transfer them to the correct section. And collect them and make a checklist of them.

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