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๐Ÿ“„ Outside the boundaries bug


Posted 1556549240 (Edited)
Through the test server on Basin, I experienced being glitched under the map as soon as I joined the server. My theory is that my hitbox collided with the car's hitbox and it somehow pushed me underneath. Cars have been causing a lot of problems for me concerning their physics and interaction with players and zombies. I wasn't recording when I first joined, this seems like a very unlikely event though.

The video is on youtube here is a link (if it works): https://youtu.be/pe0miyV5nVc

Leave a comment if you spot anything else.

David (NordaHL)
Posted 1556555214
Thank its old glitch. I will try to find why.
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1556586225
I fixed it this night. I just send the patch. I tested its ok for me. Can you check it when you have one moment?

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