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๐Ÿ“„ Killed on PvE


Posted 1560453637 (Edited)
I was killed on the map swimming pool without any reason.
This player killed me:
We were getting along fine until he went inside the building, came back and shot me with a mac 11 while I was busy killing zs. He left immediately.
Sadly I have no proof whatsoever, I couldn't open console. I tracked his profile using the scoreboard and he even changed his name from "Mirashi" to "Calamity" so I couldn't reason with him next time I see him. I checked his profile on the website, for some reason his kill didn't get registered or I don't know. His profile says 0 murder which is not true.
I lost so much progression I'm kind of mad because of him.
Thank you for your answer in advance.

Posted 1560456036
After a 20 minutes or so, I saw him play on fork as "Calamity". I joined an confronted him but he played dumb. Good thing I took a screenshot before he cleared his aliases and changed his names, here is the evidence that he is guilty and that he wanted to cover his tracks:
He killed me left the server and changed his name to "Calamity".
Then after I confronted him on fork:
It's clear that he wanted to get away by changing his names, playing dumb.
Emma Lovegood
Posted 1560542692
Hello I checked it. the user have 245hours of game on the servers. Maybe he dont see about the setting of the server. I will give him a blam. Thank you for your repport.

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