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๐Ÿ“„ Newcomer cheater in openworld


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To give some short backstory:
It all happened on Gm_Fork on the openworld servers, I was in the church tombs when i heard that my vehicle got stolen and one lad wrote "my car" in the chat.
I quickly got out, fixed up another car and scouted the map to see my military humvee (it is very easy to spot due to the fact that it's winter and the humvee is bright yellow).
Either way, I spot him in the warehouse that's in them ain city, I drive there, get out, shoot the car I drove here with, jump into my humvee and drive away to the airport.
I make a tiny base there and check the map from time to time, as well as shitpost some comments in the chat for getting my car back and all. Next thing that happens, I get shot from nowhere with the same PPK he shot at me when I re-took my car, I lay down, heal, peek the cover and get killed with a few PPK shots out of nowhere. Mind that I was in the hangar and I didn't hear a car or distant footsteps, only near ones as if he appeared nex to me. It was morning by the time this happened and everything was bright white, there's no way I could not see him. The shots sounded as if he was next to me, but I didn't see a single thing around Also there's no way he walked or even got a vehicle in 5 minutes to get to me. Even if he had the knowledge how to fix vehicles and etc., all the trucks and the car were still in their places when I checked after dying, as well as, there was no other vehicle around the airport that he could have used to get to me.
So my main points against him are:
1. A newbie got from one point of the map to another in 5 minutes without a vehicle or suiciding to respawn near.
2. Managed to get near without being heard or noticed, even though the visibility is great no matter what you wear and I was in a one way hangar.
3. Started shooting me from real close in a small area without getting noticed.
4. Disconnected after getting called out, also has a VAC ban from previous games.

TL;DR: A newbie with no stats or loot gets from one side of map to the other without a vehicle in an instant and kills me from pretty much behind, when sneaking up was near impossible.

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Steam proflie: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198103415700
Zworld profile: https://zworld-afterlife.com/profiles/76561198103415700
steamid64 : 76561198103415700

PS: It all happened 20 minutes prior to this post lifetime. (it took me a bit to write, as well as, I did some in-game research on what the hell happened)
David (NordaHL)
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Hi I check it tomorrow. Thank for your report.
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1564053824
I just checked a lot of criteria, everything is normal, you got killed by a player on a PvP server, there is no hack to be invisible, playmodel was maybe damaged by addons from the addons of workshop. The user made only one murder on PvP(you) and zero on PvE, which is not worthy of behavior from a lambda cheater(Maybe activate the alarm of the car when you dont use it can be usefull).

On your side try to be fairplay as well. Please.

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