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โœ”๏ธ [FIXED] Trolling, Griefing try to insult on PvE server.


Posted 1549889996 (Edited)
1) number 4. ip map rockford.
2) ID64 76561198170295862. Nickname C H I L D l i k eโ„ข.
3) Just look my video what i start record to avoid problems from this guy. Youtube video
He comes to my room (my because i do campfire and sleep bag and close door (told before - please dont go into my room everybody) I told him he leave my room but... all in video.
Then use traps (some russian kid got trapped) and destroy my barricade what i build to sleep in save with my loot. "its PeVeeE i will report you cause you shoot people im french im recording too".
4) Now i seen everything, this guy got 24 pve kills and 0 pvp what a shame.

Emma Lovegood
Posted 1549891479
F2P = Alt account of JustJoe(Called P-Body) The guy who made a drama on Discord and disrespected us. + Multi Ban VAC on Steam
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1550800483
They were banned from the Discord because of their bad behavior.

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