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Openworld maps of Zworld

The open world makes it possible to link all the servers in a single big map, this page allows to visualize the general map with the important places. And the points of attachment you need to join to travel from one map to another. From one server to another. It was the first server link system on Gmod.

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🗺️ Union city

🗺️ Southside city

🗺️ Fork

🗺️ Basin

🗺️ Boreas

👆 Grab the map to Move
gm_blackwoods2 fishing map of Gmod BASIN Direction FORK - BASIN
rp_unioncity_day nice city map of Gmod UNION CITY
gm_fork mountain map of Gmod FORK
gm_boreas snow mountain map of Gmod BOREAS
rp_southside_day big city map of Gmod SOUTHSIDE CITY

Red: Road
Blue: Underground

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This page is self-generated when new servers are opened and new maps are linked