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Reload Zcoin

Zcoins are the virtual money designed to buy services in the game.

Zcoins allow:

📌 To activate your account, use the 5 surviving slots and spawn with the clothes you choose
📌 To rent your own server
📌 To make a donation to a renter
📌 To have a military skin
📌 To buy items from merchant on the servers where the shop is activated.

📌 More information about Zcoins in the wiki : Zcoins

*All transactions are non-refundable, in whole or in part if used.

Activate your account

This service uses external servers to run and store backups. This allows you to travel on the servers with your 5 saved survivor slots and to continue your survival .

Your backups are guaranteed in case of:

📌 Crash
📌 Log out
📌 If you move around a zone (of servers)

All zworld-Afterlife servers use a centralized backup system. If you leave a server with your equipment, you will find it all on another server.

Get a server

Get your server Zworld-Afterlife
A control panel encoded by the author for Zworld-Afterlife and its 5 different mode and various possibilities of customization are waiting for you.
Instantly choose from a single click to make a server public or private thanks to the whitelist manageable from the web interface or in play.

📌 More information about how to administer and animate a server Zworld-Afterlife in the wiki : Administrate a server

Offer a coffee to support the author

Offer a cup of coffee to support the author during his long nights of work, you can also leave a support message, it will be notified in real time and will be recorded permanently!
The coffees provided are accumulative and theTop15updates automatically.


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Songs from Zworld-Afterlife

Get the originals songs from Zworld-Afterlife, uncompressed HD. Created by David (Nordahl).
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