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Thanks to my insatiable hunger for money, I have now collected over 300.000 in game cash and that number will continue growing.
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Survivors slot 1
alive_imgRP Name : Don Morris
Status : ALIVE
Survival time : 104487
Distance : 67.82km

Level : 56
Exp : 79314 XP
Skill Points : 0 pt
Murders on PvE : 0
Kill on PvP : 0
Zombies kill : 1364

Last map Visited : rp_unioncity_day

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Join a Zworld Server✔️ UNLOCKED
Play more than 24 hour on Zworld❌ LOCKED
Kill 1000 slow zombies--Under development--
Fishing 9 different fish--Under development--
Harvest 9 different mushrooms in Autumn--Under development--
Catch 9 different insects--Under development--
Kill 10.000 infected--Under development--
Survive 28 days--Under development--
Repair 10 vehicles--Under development--
Build more than 50 barricades--Under development--
Craftez more than 200 objects--Under development--
Drink 100 litres of collected rainwater--Under development--
Chop 1,000 wood with an axe--Under development--
Collect 100 vegetables--Under development--
9 different seed types--Under development--
Plant more than 100 seeds--Under development--
Blow up more than 30 zombies at the same time with the rocket launcher--Under development--
Eliminated over 100 bandits--Under development--
Survive 10 full days in winter--Under development--
Win 1 Event--Under development--
Win 5 Events--Under development--
Win 10 Events--Under development--
Secret 1--Under development--
Secret 2--Under development--
Secret 3--Under development--
Secret 4--Under development--
Secret 5--Under development--
Secret 6--Under development--
Secret 7--Under development--
Secret 8--Under development--
Secret 9--Under development--
Secret 10--Under development--
Secret 11--Under development--
Secret 12--Under development--
Secret 13--Under development--
Secret 14--Under development--
Secret 15--Under development--
Secret 16--Under development--
Secret 17--Under development--
Secret 18--Under development--
Secret 19--Under development--
Secret 20--Under development--
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🌡️ Karma Point:500
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🕝 Survival Time:142601
💀 Zombie killed:1682
➕ Level:lvl 46
⌚️ Time played:322h
📐 Max Distance:66.56km
🔪 Murder:0
🎈 Last login:1593997678
💰 Bank:420147💵
🧟‍♀️ As a creature
🏃‍♂️ Human killed in one life:0
👥 Human killed Total:0
📈 Website Stats
📖 Forum Posts:0
↩️ Forum Reply:0
❤️ Reactions Given:0
📳 Reactions Received:0
📗 Last Visited:1576731414
💾 Joined:1532096545