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Offre d'Halloween -25% sur tous les scripts 10/11/2018 > 15/11/2018 par David (Nordahl)

📁 Ideas Box
🔥Craftable Molotov
🚗 More Vehicle Models
🎣 Catch a fish with a fishing rod
🌍 Can travel on all server with vehicles
Clan System:
👥 system of Clan
Night and light:
🌙 System of real night
💡 Gas Lamp
🎣 Fishing Rod
☕️ Coffee
🥕 Bag of soil
🍅 Seeds
💧 Watering can.
🍄 Mushroom
😡 Bandits
🐧 Crow
ℹ Info
📅 Current version:v3.0.3

⏰ Next Update:7 dec 2018
☕️ Support with a coffee

☕️ Offrir un café

☕️ Offer a Coffee

📋 NEXT Update


System of research and sort on Originahl ScriptsScripts list of Originahl Scripts100%
Create and host a new forum(to leave this old free forum)20%
Dynamics todolist can be also filled by the staff0%
Stat of all about Zworld on the website0%