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Zworld To-do list

The Zworld Todolist page displays the status of the next update. The author updates categories and progress lines from 0% to 100%.

When the bar reaches 100%, it does not mean that it has been uploaded to the servers, but that the step has been completed and will be part of the content of the next update.

Zworld's todolist allows users to be informed and saves the author from having to answer the same requests for information. It is a dynamic page, so check back regularly to see progress, you can also see notifications of changes and additions on our Discord server.

To find out when the next update is expected to be released, look in the upper right-hand corner of the information panel.

The main categories are as follows:

Website: Update that concerns the official website, namely zworld-afterlfie.com
New: Addition of new features.
Gameplay Mecaniques: Addition of contents influencing the game mechanics.
Improvement: Improvement of existing content.
Patch: List of bug fixes and reported glitches.
Remove: Removal of content.
Optimisation: Informs about what has been optimised.
Other category: Some categories are not listed as they may be unique.

Only David is working on the project and the website at the same time. When the content is sometimes long, it doesn't mean that David is not working on it, the site was created from scratch.

Taking care of the community, anti-cheating, journals and security also takes time.
You can find some of his original source codes for your servers on his other project called Originahl Scripts.

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Progress of the next update

Update 5.1 status

Update 5.1 Released : Changelog 2023


Servers up : Official Zworld Servers List


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