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Par David (Nordahl)

📌 Progress

Ideas Box Content of the NEXT Update in progress
Creating camps, Craftable Molotov, Alcohol to be used for crafting a Molotov or drink for a painkiller effect, Lockable doors, More Vehicle Models, Catch a fish with a fishing rod, Can travel on all server with vehicles

Clan System: Create system of Clan, Control npcs survivors of the clan

Enemies: Zombies: Catch system (When you are caught you cannot move.)
Zombies: Can catch and bite (luck of infection of bites=1)
Zombies: Decrease luck of infection when a zombie hits you Crows

Night and light: System of real night, Candle, Gas Lamp

Item: Tent, Fishing Rod, Coffee, Bag of soil, Seeds, Plant pot, Watering can.
Recode All System of inventory:100%
Recode All Craft system:100%
Recode All furnitur system:100%

Recode All Handgun:info100%
1. ShellEject effect Optimized100%
2. Firearms animation100%
3. Weapons New Ammunition System100%
4. Damage System100%

Recode All Two hands Firearms:100%
1. ShellEject effect Optimized100%
2. Firearms animation100%
3. Weapons New Ammunition System100%
4. Damage System100%

Melee Weapons:
Bar wear and tear of the melee weapons100%
Recode All Melee Weapon system:100%
Add more Melee Weapons:100% info
Crowbar, Shovel, Baseballbat:100%
Sledgehammer, plank-nail, Machette:100%

Recode all tools to adapt with the new inventory:
Red medkit100%

Clothing System :info100%
48 clothings:info100%
New Handgun(PPK):100%
New Handgun(.357 Magnum):info100%
Add The Winchester:info100%
New Ammo Type (.357 Magnum):info100%
Life bar for the zombies:100%
Kit Craft of Ammunion:info100%
Flaregun can be used like a weapons:100%
Sniper, possibility to set the zoom:info100%
Access the backpack from the inventory.:100%
A second lamp (2.0) more powerful:100% info
Add the Zippo:100% info
System of equipment for the head:100%
6 cap/hat for the head:100%
Winter cold protection:100% info
Military helmet:100% info
System of traps:100%
Remove the old system of level up:100%
Remove the old system ofskill point:100%
Gain Exp when you kill creatures:100%
Gain Skill Point when you level up:100%
Tree Skill to spend your Skill Point:100% info
Info of your survivor:100% info
New Scoreboard system:100% info
New Deathscreen system:100% info
Timer of the next maintenance:info100%
Npcs New Merchand system:info100%
Npcs New Merchand Of material and tools:100%
Npcs New Merchand of firearms and ammo:100%
Npcs New Merchand of cloth:100%
Npcs New Merchand of medical stuff:100%
Npcs New Merchand of medical stuff:100%
New npcs Skin, simple but done:info100%
Time bar to use a medical item:100%
New Trade system:info100%
Add the chat access in the trade panel:info100%
The crafts go in the inventory:info100%
Military Skin Shop Updated and Compatible:100%
Finish all new icons:info100%
New item: Lightbulbinfo100%
Mechanic of Vehicle improvedinfo100%
Cargo Container become lootableinfo100%
Add oil + Oil system(car):info100%

Zworld Admin tools:
Timer Launcher (For the events) :0%
Hide the Equipments when you are invisible :100%
Button Undo :100%

Craft System:100%
Npcs (Merchand):info100%
Calculation of the weight optimized:100%
Zombie optimization+20%:100%
Flaregun is optimized:info100%
Recode all Backpack system:100%
New flashlight system:info100%
Light Effect with Zippo:info100%
Optimize the furnitur system:100%
Improve textures (winter):info100%
Backpack Improvement + Optimisation:info100%

Duplication Glitch:100%
Admin can not send the wiki:100%
Jump use now the stamina:100%
Some foliages was not textured (winter):100%
Fixed the T position in vehicle:100%
Fix, give zcoins for friend:100%
All door systems can be opened now:100%