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Par David (Nordahl)

📌 Progress

Ideas Box Content of the NEXT Update in progress
Creating camps, More melee Weapons, New system of Fight with the melee weapons, Craftable Molotov, Alcohol to be used for crafting a Molotov or drink for a painkiller effect, Lockable doors, More Vehicle Models, Catch a fish with a fishing rod, Can travel on all server with vehicles

Clan System: Create system of Clan, Control npcs survivors of the clan

Enemies: Zombies: Catch system (When you are caught you cannot move.)
Zombies: Can catch and bite (luck of infection of bites=1)
Zombies: Decrease luck of infection when a zombie hits you Crows

Night and light: System of real night, Candle, Gas Lamp

Item: Crowbar, Tent, Fishing Rod, Coffee, Shovel, Bag of soil, Seeds, Plant pot, Watering can.
Recode All System of inventory:100%
Recode All Craft system:100%
Recode All furnitur system:100%

Recode All Handgun:info100%
1. ShellEject effect Optimized100%
2. Firearms animation100%
3. Weapons New Ammunition System100%
4. Damage System10%

Recode All Two hands Firearms:100%
1. ShellEject effect Optimized100%
2. Firearms animation100%
3. Weapons New Ammunition System100%
4. Damage System100%

Melee Weapons:
Bar wear and tear of the melee weapons0%
Recode All Melee Weapon system:0%
Add more Melee Weapons:0%

Recode all tools to adapt with the new inventory:
Red medkit0%

New Handgun(PPK):100%
New Handgun(.357 Magnum):info100%
Add The Winchester:info100%
New Ammo Type (.357 Magnum):100%
Life bar for the zombies:100%
Kit Craft of Ammunion:info100%
Flaregun can be used like a weapons:100%
Sniper, possibility to set the zoom:info100%
Access the backpack from the inventory.:100%
A second lamp (2.0) more powerful:100% info
Add the Zippo:100% info
System of traps:0%

Zworld Admin tools:
Timer Launcher (For the events) :0%
Hide the Equipments when you are invisible :100%

Craft System:100%
Npcs (Merchand):info100%
Calculation of the weight optimized:100%
Flaregun is optimized:info100%
Recode all Backpack system:100%
New flashlight system:info100%
Light Effect with Zippo:info100%
Optimize the furnitur system:100%

Duplication Glitch:100%
Admin can not send the wiki:100%
Jump use now the stamina:100%