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Par David (Nordahl)

📋 Progress

📁 Ideas Box
Craftable Molotov, More Vehicle Models, Catch a fish with a fishing rod, Can travel on all server with vehicles

Clan System: Create system of Clan, Control npcs survivors of the clan

Night and light: System of real night, Candle, Gas Lamp

Item: Fishing Rod, Coffee, Bag of soil, Seeds, Plant pot, Watering can.

📋 Content of the NEXT Update in progress
Lock/Unlock doors System100%
Convert all old npcs to NEXTBOT system100%
Optimize Nextbot system100%
Zombies: Catch system (When you are caught you cannot move.)100%
Zombies: Can catch and bite (luck of infection by bites=100%)100%
Zombies: Decrease luck of infection when a zombie hits you (=10%)100%
New Npcs Bandits0%
New Npcs Infected100%
New Npcs Crows0%
Musics dynamique of Zones and combats100%
2 news furnitures for Zmap-Maker100%
Admin can lock/unlock doors with the admineyes100%
Improvement of the wheel menu100%
Improvement menu reload of weapons100%
Fixed the movement of items on the player.100%
Fixed wear of constructions in time 10 times too fast.100%
Fixed when the battrie is freeze when you take 2 times.100%
Lighting a match warm.100%
Lighting the zippo warm.100%
Possibility to light a puddle of gasoline by turning on the zippo nearby.100%
When you shoot a jerrycan, it explodes.100%

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