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Zworld Changelog 2013

πŸ“Œ v0.4.9 - Monday 25th of November 2013 08:02:11 PM
Optimized barricade script(Improve FPS and server ressource)
Optimized Crate and Chest script(Improve FPS and server ressource)
Zombie can destroy Crate and Chest Can (lot inside spawn when he destroyed)
Slow regeneration of life when you eat. The amount of life restored as it was before. Except that it is distributed over time. This makes healing items more useful.
Optimized Panel Classmenu
To cook with a campfire.
Delete menu selection half life 2
New system of selection of equipment.
GodMod in panel admin can be detected by simple player.
Can Heal your friend
Skill Medic Enable
Improve final version of thirdperson view
Improve Weather system. Best Optimization. New weather effects.
Gesture Panel
Voice Panel, 32 effet, text translated in 5 languages.
Optimization session
The weight of the inventory.
Can pickup player with physgun fixed, script optimized, can not cause damage with ground when player drop
Improve and finished Thirdperson view camera mouvement
PlayerModel Clothing Color
fix weight system
fix fastzombie sound
new map 1: rp_outercanals_winter
new map 2: rp_v_sacrifice
new map 3: zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x
Fix And Improve sniper system
Fix Glitch of duplication with all storage
New scope sniper
Zombie can destroy all doors
πŸ“Œ v0.4.8 - Sunday 3rd of November 2013 08:02:11 PM
GodMod/ AdminMod or CreatorMod : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6baXbjH6-8k
πŸ“Œ v0.4.7 - Wednesday 28th of August 2013 08:02:11 PM
Remove the menu of hl2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeWqRwVzVks
πŸ“Œ v0.4.6 - Wednesday 10th of July 2013 08:02:11 PM
Optimized physique of Entity, This allows the server to save a lot of long-term resource.
Big glitch in Admin plugin fixed
all items Zmod on a specific sound physical, such as when they fall to the ground.
Zombie Inventory
All error lua with Firearms is Fixed
to admin: New reason Kick/ban
ruined vehicle distance view (optimize)
Remove zombie with hitbox bugged
fixe problem spawn gm-atomic
fixe probleme spawn gm_shambles
All Garden Open in gm_shambles
Open 87 garden close in gm_shambles(video youtube)
Newinventory menu / smaller and easier to understand and better
Combine menu / smaller and easier to understand and better
New craft menu / smaller and easier to understand and better
Add combine craft Armor with clothmetal plate
Craft Camp fire with 10 Wood

Match Script
Campfire Script
restocking wood fire
Changed all products mark by another name out of respect for copyright.
Fixed Blood Rain when you play mod server.
Optimizing the size of the file. Before 130MB, Now 115 https://forum.zworld-afterlife.com/post?p=2831&mode=editpost#Mo.
Icone of Ammo Type in corner of the screen replace bullet icone.
New map compatible: gm_Bigcity
Option server
---Choose map
---Set limit max zombie Spawn
---Set Delay zombie Spawn
---Maintenance Server tool
---Button Reboot server
---Deletes all zombies to initiate autospawn.
---Convert Slow Zombie ---> Fast Zombie
---Convert Fast Zombie ---> SlowZombie
Entity Collision Damage Protection
Realistic fall damage
Optimize Zombie deadragdoll
Add firearms skill/ Enable Skill in Panel Skill with F4 (lvl: Accuracy,recoil,reload)
New map: -rd_apartementcomplex
New Logo When infection is stopped

Fix problem with backpack
πŸ“Œ v0.4.5 - Tuesday 2nd of July 2013 08:02:11 PM
Flask Item. You can fill Gourd in source water and drink
Script lua music
Hallo/glow to small item (actually battery)
the crate backup crafted items placed inside. Even after reboot the server or the solo you can find your items
Video Tools in Zmod
Changing the Script furnitures. Best optimization
Better sounds for furnitures
Other surrounding players will hear closing furniture.
conversely text "USERELOAD" by "RELOADUSE" of 67 entity.
If you Press R to pickup item, you can not open furniture, This prevents you from accidentally opening the furniture
Blocking when you Craft a fence and/or when you spawn Fence With AdminSpawnMenu(F2)
Optimize connection server and win some FPS
ToolGun admin replace by RemoverTool
Flashlight Increased duration of the battery.
Pills and PillsSound
Infection Cough effect and sound
Stamina Breath effect Femal / Male
Improve the script class menu
Zombie can break windows Zomb can breakwindows video
add 5 models player
Option F1 with Save your preference
3rd person view
metalspawn to all old map
Random spawn Box for Atomic/necroforest/construct/flatgrass
Newmap -gm_Shambles
zombie spawn Unique
Metal ressource
Zombie Autorespawn
Random spawn Box
Optimize entity
Spawn Player
Day And Night, Meteorological effect
Set recoil with firearms/power
The storage interface is now compatible with all resolutions.
Resources can now be stored and weapons as

Fixed Error Lua with script autoreloot of furniture
fix the problems with weapons
πŸ“Œ v0.4.4 - Friday 24th of May 2013 08:02:11 PM
Add ressource spawn in SpawnMenu "F2"
the battery of the flashlight wears slower.
Tree optimized, saves a lot of fps in the atomic map.
amount of nail was wrong. When you pick up and when you throw. This has been corrected
Add ressource Line ressource in spawnmenu
Restrict Admin in spawnmenu of zmod

fixes difficulty connecting to official server.
Fix Red Error Model with Can/drinking? duckling? Bref en français "canette"
πŸ“Œ v0.4.3 - Wednesday 22nd of May 2013 08:02:11 PM
Flashlight Entity
If you pick up a flashlight, a new small bar on the HUD appare, you need to find batteries for recharging. You can
rid you in Zmod menu, table "Tools". No flashlight. No light.
Battery for Flashlight
The spawn item is corrected. The item does not appear Crafte wherever you look. But forwardyou
Tools zhammer, can be used --> meleeweapon (consume 10% stamina)
Tools Axe, For the wood crafter --> meleeweapon (consume 15% stamina)
spawn protection
You can Craft wood just with axe.
Can fix fense with hammer(PROGRESS look screenshoot)
3D Voice Chat Sound
Distance Voice Chat Mute
Underwater. Stamina decreases. Followed by health. And death
If thirst or hunger, falls to zero. The Health gradually decreases
PRESS F4 = Skill Menu, loggers, sprint, stamina, strength, Manufacturer barricade, Firearms Handling, melee abilites
New melee weapon
Scoreboard of Zmod
Admin Function
Admin Menu 100% compatible with Zmod. With F3
Remove "Zoom suit" to drop backpack, and add Icon backpack clicable to drop in Zmod Menu
replace the old system wearing backpack, 100%optimized
Hide crosshair
remove USELEFT click to holster weapons
Fix alot problem with Weapon
THE END OF GRAVGUN!! Replace Gravgun by Hand
Remove old system by Newsystem to (hold item, use, equip, store)
Fix error lua
Add Newitem in storage
Auto reloot in furniture
Map gm_flatgrass
Many of you have noticed strange collision with trees. This is resolved.
Improve System of barricade
Skin Button
autosave consctuct
Zmod SpawnMenu
gm_atomic v2
Remove "Sandbox" of Zmod
πŸ“Œ v0.4.2 - Monday 22nd of April 2013 08:02:11 PM
Foliage in gm_construct, rp_apocalypse, gm_atomic.
100% /-------24 New Furniture
place 150 Furniture in gm_atomic
Place 350 Furniture in rp_apocalypse
Furniture and zombie in Secret Base rp_apocalypse
Place 100 Furniture in necroforest
Place (many) Furniture in gm_construct
New System Autospawn with max zombie
New Thinking zombie optimized
Necro Forest
Obtained the right to use the music project Zomboid
the end of the player spawn concentrated
8 player spawn distributed gm_construct
12 player spawn distributed gm_atomic
17 player spawn distributed rp_apocalypse
Problem of lag solved
Freezing all Furniture
Spawn Max of Zombie
Place random Spawn of Zombie
FIX: Stamina does not regenerate when a player has server thirst or hunger
Admin Can spawn toolsgun and physgun and remove
Admin restriction
Fix All error Lua related Zmod (exepted weapon)
When server reboot all storage make persistant keep item inside.
refresh the craftmenu when you throw an item.
1)New system Storage(the old script is bad)
2)When a new player logs in, he can not see the contents of a backpack or furniture.
- I need Time, very complex subject. I work on it since April 8, 2013.
- EDIT: FINISH 04:19 AM April 20,2013
3)Now I apply the new system to 28 Storages.
4)Make menu of Furniture
5)Sound Of furniture
6)Add Loot rate for all furniture
7)Export the newsystem for Backpack
πŸ“Œ v0.4.1 - Monday 25th of March 2013 08:02:11 PM
You Drop your HandGun and Your Secondary Weapon when you die
You Drop your Ammo box when you die
You Drop your Tools (canopener and hammer) when you die
Optimize Zmod File Before 160Mo /After 95Mo. In Workshop 35MB

Fix problem: when a player leaves the server with a backpack
Fix problem:player if I crash with a backpack. The backpack spawn its position.
Fix TOP103 of error Lua:
πŸ“Œ v0.4.0 - Wednesday 20th of March 2013 08:02:11 PM
Furniture Spawn With random item inside (Currently works only for manual spawn(Is not a bug))
Fix problem: When player is stored in a backpack.
Fix problem: The storage can not be stored.
Fix problem: The storage can not be stored.
Fixed a problem with the HUD
Optimize LUA file
Add Zombie sound
πŸ“Œ v0.3.9 - Monday 18th of March 2013 08:02:11 PM
Magazine replace Mdl hl2
Option In Zmod Menu to Disable/Enable: Post-processing(screen-effect)
News Tools: Hammer. Now is pushed over the nails with your fingers. Model:100%; Entity:100%; Set craftmenu:100%
πŸ“Œ v0.3.8 - Wednesday 13th of March 2013 08:02:11 PM
Improving the Zmod menu.
Limit of Ammo to player
Limit of Weapon held: 1 melee Weapon 1 HandGun 1 Weapons
Weapon compatible with Zmod and optimized firearms.
Convert all sounds .wav ----> .mp3
New way of crafting wood on trees.
You can drop many weapons in your inventory by clicking.
πŸ“Œ v0.3.7 - Thursday 7th of March 2013 08:02:11 PM
8 Own Mdl Ammo Box Zmod
Can Opener mdl
First Tool: Can Opener entities
modify the current cans. It can not be used if you have a knife or can_opener.
πŸ“Œ v0.3.6 - Wednesday 6th of March 2013 08:02:11 PM
caliber ammon boxes contained
Automatic Place Furniture in Gm_atomic
Can drop Ammo box or magazine
New skin HUD
Finished skin Menucraft
Can CraftShootgun
solved bug when a person thirsty all the server can not sprint or jump.
Nordahl entitie Ammo Box and Magazine
Can Craft a Crate (Contained 9 Slot) 25 nail 15 plank
Add lot of CanFood
Optimise File

FIX: (cloth metal) spawns under the map
πŸ“Œ v0.3.5 - Thursday 28th of February 2013 08:02:11 PM
1) Find .mdl of hl2 to craft item
2) Find out how to get resources.
3) Associate the amount obtained in HUD
4) Make the craft interface
5) Make clickable icons
6) Correct distance attack zombies
7) Caliber the post-processing
8) weight optimization of Zmod
9)Craft wood, metal, cloth, nail, fuel, tool
11)Make Help Menu
12)Sound crafting
13)destructible object providing resources
14)correct the HUD when a person thirsty all the server can not sprint or jump.
15)Zombie Can loot item (food & drink 3%, cloth 30%, metal, 10%)
16) Hide sound of Physcannon
17) FAQ Menu
18) Autospawn craft item in gm_construct. (Not placed in gm_atomic & rp_apocalypse)Because I'm going to change the system of autospawn.
19) CraftMenu Heal
πŸ“Œ v0.3.4 - Wednesday 13th of February 2013 08:02:11 PM
furniture storage: look screenshoot
sound of furniture storage, open, close, take, add
sound of backpack, open, close, take, add
Kill Count
The Backpack is visible on the back
calibrate sprint speed
Disable Gore (Time to correct errors)
Post Processing Effect
FIx. when you stay on site and hold "SPRINT", stamina does not decrease any more alone.
πŸ“Œ v0.3.3 - Wednesday 6th of February 2013 08:02:11 PM
resistance of Fence multiplied by 2 (2000hp)
Intro Music launch the command.
Tag weaponbox (look screen shoot)

Fix Autospawn for Gm_construct, gm_atomic, rp_apocalypse.
πŸ“Œ v0.3.1 - Tuesday 5th of February 2013 08:02:11 PM
Props_phys converted into an Entity.He had to change the zombies that they can detect and destroy. Work and the effect of destruction. New Way to use the barricades. USE to take and ask for RELOAD (fix).
No collision with the corpses
SmallFence & Large Fence & Plank Stronger
New Mdl of Plank
New Way to use the barricades. USE to take and ask for RELOAD (fix)
Players drop their weapons are dead hand.

22 Lua error of ragdoll burning solved.
πŸ“Œ v0.3.2 - Tuesday 5th of February 2013 08:02:11 PM
Fix the problem of deadragdoll invisible. Sandbox mode
πŸ“Œ v0.3.0 - Monday 4th of February 2013 08:02:11 PM
Blood & Dismembers player
Blood Dismembers zombies
Sound of death "bipbipbipbiiiiiip"... removed

Resolved Error LUA
Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Zps_zombie)
Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Fast_zombie)
Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Random_zombie)
πŸ“Œ v0.2.9 - Wednesday 30th of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
Inventory(transport system)
adjusts the hunger and thirst
Place spawn of backpack in !apo & !ato
sprint speed, slowing slightly.

Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (slow_zombie)
πŸ“Œ v0.2.8 - Tuesday 22nd of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
improve the cmd. ! "STOP" to stop effectively
Disappearance of the old cmd. !Start, !nm and !slow
calibrer spawn for rp_atomic map with commande in chat "!ato"
spawn rate of zombie in gm_construct x2
- I deleted the zombies nmrih at the request of developer nmrih.
add axe.
πŸ“Œ v0.2.7 - Thursday 17th of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
loot of plank x2
increase zombie spawn in rp-apocalypse
slow spawn box in rp-apocalypse
Craftable trees in rp_apocalypse
Fuel spawn point. In the station of rp_apocalypse
autospawn adapted to gm_construct. With cmd in chatbox: "! Con"
πŸ“Œ v0.2.6 - Tuesday 15th of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
Craft Wood
barricade (Log, Fence(large/Short), Plank)
πŸ“Œ v0.2.5 - Friday 11th of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
add in spawnmenu Random SODA model
add in spawnmenu Random FOOD model
Big mess of zombies with fire.
Calibrer spawn for rp_apocalypse map with one commande in chat "!apo" to start.
πŸ“Œ v0.2.4 - Sunday 6th of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
add 15 Breakable box. With weapon of Firearms Ammo
add 4 Breakable box. Random loot for Food,Drink, Health kit, Bandage
Picture in Spawnmenu
πŸ“Œ v0.2.3 - Friday 4th of January 2013 08:02:11 PM
add console commandes for activate autospawn console cmd: startspawn
add console commandes for disable autospawn console cmd:stopspawn
add chat commandes for activate autospawn chat: !start
add chat commandes for disable autospawn chat: !stop
add console commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn console cmd: nmrihspawn or slowspawn
add console commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn console cmd: nmrihstop or slowstop
add chat commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn chat: !nm or !slow
add chat commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn chat: !nmstop or !slowstop

fix name of class in menu