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Zworld Changelog 2017

๐Ÿ“Œ v1.1.0 - Saturday 25th of November 2017 08:02:11 PM
New website fr: https://zworld-afterlife.com/fr/home
New website en: https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/home
New system of server list fr: https://zworld-afterlife.com/fr/servers
New system of server list en: https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/servers
-Removed the old server list system.
-Removed the TOP50
New system of global ranking fr and en (Check the website)
New loading screen.

Fix When the chat block the panels in use.
๐Ÿ“Œ v0.2.0 - Friday 10th of November 2017 04:46:55 PM
logo of gamemode
backgrounds of gamemode
icon of gamemode

Fix zombie ai_Ignore player
๐Ÿ“Œ v1.0.9 - Thursday 24th of August 2017 08:02:11 PM
Wiki is updated about the next line:
You need now the saw to craft plank with the woods
Some item crafted will be stored directly in the inventory.
Zworld Admin tools:
New Spectator Mod
The admin eyes can see now the vehicles

Fixed Door : When the fortification of the door, all goes well but during repair the 200 hp will repair 20 hp
Fixed Door : The buttons of repair is called "burning the body" instead of "repair"
Fixed Barricade : The buttons of repair is called "burning the body" instead of "repair"
Fixed Scale : When improvements ( 1 lvl and 100 hp ) appears, but if one analyzes the lvl of the scale falls to 0.
Fixed The pile of plank made automatically 1 small in it.
Fixed Stuck when you have alot wood: When cutting the wood, and that it poses a bunch of wood (50/50) we cannot ask a second near it, and so we can easily stay block.
Fixed When you receive a message in chat and the menu is open some of the buttons no longer works until the message disappears..
๐Ÿ“Œ v1.0.8 - Monday 24th of July 2017 08:02:11 PM
New chat system
Disable the chat of the source engine
Reduced the loading time by reducing the number of query.
Zworld Door Improvement:
Add Shortcut: SprintUse to open the doors without open the menu of interaction of the doors.
Zworld Admin tools:
Marker of maps (Player can see the point)

Speed Prone Glitch (after the death)
Fix some Animations
Fixed the pocket
Craft Wood fence Fixed
Prone Glitch (Bypass the effects of the weight)
The builder was reversed with the arms dealer.
๐Ÿ“Œ v1.0.7 - Monday 17th of April 2017 08:02:11 PM
Speed Prone Glitch (after the death)
Fix some Animations
Fixed the pocket
๐Ÿ“Œ v1.0.6 - Thursday 23rd of March 2017 08:02:11 PM
Zworld-Objective :
New server configuration
FPS Optimisation
Add means of payment by phone. With StarPass (1 code = 120Zcoins)
Add means of payment by phone. With AlloPass (1 code = 120Zcoins)
Zworld Footstep System Optimisation
Winter immersive (35 maps done)
Autumn immersive (35 maps done)
Recode All the animations system
Add the animation to crawl on the ground.
Announcement system with banner clickable to the home screen
Recode Zworld_Skybox System
Optimize NPC Merchant system Interaction with the windows
Auto-add to the whitelist when renting.
Possibility to rent a server from any server. (System table)
New HUD Optimisation : Screen
HUD Effect for the immersion, cold, blood, snow, rain.
Synchronization of seasons with the players when the admin change the season manually.
Improvement and optimisation of the admin eyes. screen
Spawn Menu icon : screen
Add a NPC Merchant of skins
Interface to interact with the doors
Interaction with the windows
Persistence of Ressource, Stock of Planks & Woods will be saved afte reboot.
Possibility to change the skin since the menu escape.
Possibility to identify the owner of the stock of timber and plank. Screen
Interface improvement (Generator, Watertank, campfire, collector of rain water)
Collector of rain water is persistant
Collector of rain have a life, and can be destroy by zombies.
Collector of rain, can be restored. screen
The fuel tank. screen
Persistence of resources collected, Stock Wood, Stock planks, Stock water, Stock of fuel.
Jump voice sound
New Map :
Zworld Optimisation:
Physics of Trees
Physics of Constructions
Physics of Furnitures
Zworld Workshop Side:
New Content send on the workshop content pack
Merge the Pack-maps 24 Addons to 13 addons for the maps
New map is send in the pack-map content.

Fixed glitch of animation (Swim animation)