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Zworld Changelog 2018

๐Ÿ“Œ v3.0.4 - Wednesday 19th of December 2018 08:02:11 PM
-Chat command :
/roll Info

-Chat RP features : Info

-Wiki updated
๐Ÿ“Œ v3.0.3 - Friday 7th of December 2018 08:02:11 PM
Lock/Unlock doors System
Convert all old npcs to NEXTBOT system
Optimize Nextbot system
Zombies: Catch system (When you are caught you cannot move.)
Zombies: Can catch and bite (luck of infection by bites=100%)
Zombies: Decrease luck of infection when a zombie hits you (=10%)
New Npcs Infected : info
Musics dynamique of Zones and combats : info
Propane cannister : info
2 news furnitures for Zmap-Maker : info
Final version of Crafting system. : info
The red medkit can also treat leg injuries.
Candle item : info
Candle System : info
The admineyes can be used to place Candle.
New npc health bar
nav_mesh creation for the nextbot's on 33 maps
Add 50 musics
Horde system
Get your points when you kill a zombie with a car Exp
Name all locations on all maps. : screen
Audio environment of the premises. Music adapted echo
Tree alive : video
Two new furniture

Admin can lock/unlock doors with the admineyes

Improvement of the wheel menu
Improvement menu reload of weapons
Fixed the movement of items on the player.
Fixed wear of constructions in time 10 times too fast.
Fixed when the battrie is freeze when you take 2 times.
Lighting a match warm.
Lighting the zippo warm.
Possibility to light a puddle of gasoline by turning on the zippo nearby.
When you shoot a jerrycan, it explodes.
Improvement of the Horde control. : info
Sleep system, use sleepiness and sleep without waiting.
Fixed when you sell x amount it sells for 1 - Reported by Momiji
Fixed speed movement after you go to sleep with your legs broken.

Member list system : Link
Profil system : Exemple with my profil
Profil editor system
Halloween theme
Websites is now compatible with Emoji : Emoji List
Server Management panel updated : Example
Todolist Structure updated : Example
๐Ÿ“Œ v3.0.2 - Sunday 23rd of September 2018 08:02:11 PM
item: Whisky
item: Vodka
item: Sausage

Alcool effect

Explosion can be generate with the admineyes
The admineyes can launch a flare like the flaregun
Co-renter can access in the F3 menu

Optimisation of loading screen

fixed 64/64 errors collected serverside
fixed 80/80 errors collected clientside

The red medkit does not disappear after use on a friend.
Flashlight glitch when you trade, you can choose the amount.
Zippo glitch when you trade, you can choose the amount.
Big flashlight glitch when you trade, you can choose the amount.
Fixed Translate menu when its stuck if you miss clic on the cross.
๐Ÿ“Œ v3.0.2 - Sunday 23rd of September 2018 08:02:11 PM
Size optimisation (-164 files & -82 folders) : info
๐Ÿ“Œ v3.0.1 - Saturday 11th of August 2018 08:02:11 PM
Recode All System of inventory
Recode All Craft system:
Recode All furnitur system:

Recode All Handgun: info
1. ShellEject effect Optimized
2. Firearms animation
3. Weapons New Ammunition System
4. Damage System

Recode All Two hands Firearms
1. ShellEject effect Optimized
2. Firearms animation
3. Weapons New Ammunition System
4. Damage System

Melee Weapons:
Bar wear and tear of the melee weapons
Recode All Melee Weapon system
Add more Melee Weapons: info
Crowbar, Shovel, Baseballbat
Sledgehammer, plank-nail, Machette

Recode all tools to adapt with the new inventory:
Red medkit

Clothing System : info
48 clothings: info
New Handgun(PPK)
New Handgun(.357 Magnum): info
Add The Winchester: info
New Ammo Type (.357 Magnum): info
Life bar for the zombies
Kit Craft of Ammunion: info
Flaregun can be used like a weapons
Sniper, possibility to set the zoom: info
Access the backpack from the inventory.
A second lamp (2.0) more powerful : info
Add the Zippo : info
System of equipment for the head
6 cap/hat for the head
Winter cold protection : info
Military helmet : info
System of traps

Remove the old system of level up
Remove the old system ofskill point
Gain Exp when you kill creatures
Gain Skill Point when you level up
Tree Skill to spend your Skill Point: info
info of your survivor: info
New Scoreboard system: info
New Deathscreen system: info
Timer of the next maintenance: info
Npcs New Merchand system: info
Npcs New Merchand Of material and tools
Npcs New Merchand of firearms and ammo
Npcs New Merchand of cloth
Npcs New Merchand of medical stuff
Npcs New Merchand of medical stuff
New npcs Skin, simple but done: info
Time bar to use a medical item
New Trade system: info
Add the chat access in the trade panel: info
The crafts go in the inventory: info
Military Skin Shop Updated and Compatible
Finish all new icons: info
New item: Lightbulb info
Mechanic of Vehicle improved info
Cargo Container become lootable info
Add oil Oil system(car): info
Add Spiders: info
Add Dogs: info
New menu F1 optimisation 30%: info
New menu F2: info
Distance traveled of your survivor info
New Rank: Distance traveled:new page
New Rank: Level reach:new page
Show when player write in chat: info
Junk items to custom map system: info
Tent system: info
Blood bag system
Automatized corner cam: info
Audio reverberation system.
Poisoning: info
Antidote for poisoning: info
Broken bos system: info

Zworld Graphics:
New light system for vehicles : info
New light system for generator : info

Zworld Admin & tools:
Timer Launcher : info
Hide the Equipments when you are invisible
Button Undo
New Pur PvP mode add to complet (PvE/PvP): info
New admin panel:wiki
Ghost Entity for admin tools: โ„น๏ธ

Craft System
Npcs (Merchand): info
Calculation of the weight optimized
Zombie optimization20%
Flaregun is optimized: info
Recode all Backpack system
New flashlight system: info
Light Effect with Zippo: info
Optimize the furnitur system
Improve textures (winter): info
Backpack Improvement Optimisation: info
Update the content on workshop
Optimisation content 13%: info

On the website:
New wiki FR: info
New wiki EN: info
Imrovement of performance
Page of each official server:demo
Discussion page of each official server:demo
New review system of rented server:demo
Whitelist list manager from the website:demo
Staff list manager from the staff:demo
Banned list manager from the staff:demo
New Lightbox for this website:lightbox