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Zworld Changelog 2015

πŸ“Œ v0.9.9 - Sunday 20th of December 2015 08:02:11 PM
Santa Claus
New System to Optimize the servers:
-Remove the invisible entity trunk of the vehicle for a new system based on vehicle. (Optimizes servers and control of driving.) Corrects the same time the storage bug.
-Owner can insert person "screen loading url" in the panel of management of the server.
-Set wear car batteries when you plug a lamp

-All Bug reported in version 18.0a: Fixed
-Interface to take: Red Medkit on the ground Fixed
Fixed some item can not put in inventory since furniture interface :-radio Fixed
-flask Fixed
-bottle Fixed
-kevlar Fixed
-Pills Fixed
πŸ“Œ v0.9.8 - Tuesday 10th of November 2015 08:02:11 PM
-Possibility To Wake up a friend.
-The energy drinks restores 50% of stamina. 10% of the stripping bar.
-New article about the story of Zworld-Afterlife in the Z-Time (4 Janvier/January 4)
-Korean translation By Refirser???
-Major optimization of vehicle seat systems.
-Creating entities for urban areas. To sleep or take a nap.
-Place bed and armchair entity in house of on all the maps (They are 30 maps)
-The car battery will discharge when using the headlights.
-Heating in the car
-Add Hazard lights car
-Icon of status effect left midfielder position. You can not miss them.
-Generator System Icon
-Connect lamp on the car batterie
-Charge the energie of the car batterie with the generator
-Add 2 Closed Sleeping Bag
-Add 2 Deployed Sleeping Bag
-Add new tool for the maintenance of engines, the screwdriver.
-Generator can be broken
-Repair the Generator 25% (Pipe 4 Metal plate Ductape)
-Repair the Generator 5% (Screwdriver Hose)
-Repair the Engine of the vehicle 25% (Pipe 4 Metal plate Ductape)
-Repair the Engine of the vehicle 5% (Screwdriver Hose)
-Translation in 21 languages the word of the interfaces.
-Enable the skill "engineering"
-Level up System for the skill "engineering"
-Light Optimization
-New Jerrycan
-Optimizing performance script of fuel in all system use it.
-New Spawn Menu (Menu F3)
-Use the cloth to dry.
-Optimization of transmission scripts damage to the engine. Many processes for nothing. The result is the same but with less computation.
-New access system to the vehicle parts
-Put new loot in auto-loot system
-Knocking on doors and making noise check if a zombie is on the other side
-"-Press E-". It appears fluently. And only if you are close to the object you are targeting
-28 News music Event in Admin Panel (F2)

-Fix Easier to find the position of the seats to sit.
-FixOverlapping music. Event & Ambience:(When the music of events are launched by the admins, the original ambience music is muted.)
πŸ“Œ v0.9.7 - Monday 21st of September 2015 08:02:11 PM
Adapt Old script of Items for the new menu:
Drink, Food, Medical, Material, Ressource, Melee Weapons, Ammo, Handgun, Primary Weapons.
New storage system inventory information.
When players die the Ammunitions dropped is concentrated in a single entity in its class. Lightened of -25 functions.
Ammunition boxes is not a fixed value. This will create a storage. This avoids Droper several magazines on the ground when you do not have the sufficient amount to drop a full box.
New system of Interaction:
Script of dynamic Interface

Note stuck in your inventory.
Stamina as low as a negative value with melee weapons.
πŸ“Œ v0.9.6 - Monday 7th of September 2015 08:02:11 PM
Set the Fov for the handguns.
Wiki integrated to the game| Wiki Full Fr & En:
Wiki Français. Par Nordahl.
English Wiki. By Nordahl.
Inventory Craft:
New interface.
Now you can move when the inventory is open.
Chance rate system for the ignit of campfires.
1 News News Paper = Chance rate 50%
possibility to add paper. 1 Paper = Chance rate 15%
possibility to add paper money. 1 Paper Money = Chance rate 1% per 10$
New Interface (screen here)
Support Rank (Guest < Moderator < Admin < Owner < Support < Author)
Support Team= Popkill, Billy, Nanaki, Sheo.
Admin, Owner:
New function in the panel of management, when player have not a realist name you can invit him to change it.
Button to remove all trees
Button to remove Grass and Bush
Improvement of the interface, SCREEN: Link
Function Return Position after teleport a player
Function Teleport with the tool
An admin mod noclip could block a player. It is now not possible. And this allows the invisible admin not interfere.
Avoid certain thing happening again:
An Owner can not remove itself from the list of Owners.
Selection Survivor:
Improve Light effect on the models.
Get 3 Rounds in Zworld-Afterlife: Virus to win the game. (Before 5)
Set the Basic equipment for Minigame: Zworld-Afterlife: Conflict Survior, Capture the Flag, Collect Ressource
Talkie Walkie
Mp5 (Magazine (30))
Beretta (Magazine (15))
1 Box of 9mm (60)
4 Batteries
Subscription Automatized:
For 6 Month.
For 12 Month.
Rental servers:
Automation of the rental.
Player can give a Score for the Renter with F2.
Access Info And Score of Renter (Owner) with F2 if the player is not the admin or moderator he have a special interface, the others in management panel (Tab Owner).
System of Warning when server is not managed by the dev team.

Fixed instability of the last update of gmod. Client crash on someone map like gm_shamble and others.

FIXED Lua Error Know:
ERROR gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:204: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. GetClass - C:-1
2. v - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:204
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
πŸ“Œ v0.9.5 - Wednesday 5th of August 2015 08:02:11 PM
Jerrycan Interface Information in the corner.
Jerrycan animation
Extinguisher Interface Information in the corner.

Glitch with the Fuel in Vehicle. With negative numbers.
Glitch with the Jerrycan with negative numbers.
Possibility to take money dirrectly in storage without drop on the ground.
πŸ“Œ v0.9.4 - Monday 13th of July 2015 08:02:11 PM
Complete translation Norwegian Version by W-GPese3

-Pink Link Discovery and report a glitch that could crash the servers at 100% of attempts.
-Fix Glitch with cooking pot and campfire, repported by Bily.
-Fix Glitch with the possibility to take the watertanks in the pocket. repported by Pink Link.
-Fix Glitch with the possibility to take the Metal Basin in the pocket. repported by Pink Link.
-Fix Glitch with the possibility to take the Metal Bucket in the pocket. repported by Pink Link.
-Fix Glitch with ranking system.
πŸ“Œ v0.9.3 - Monday 6th of July 2015 08:02:11 PM
System of Safe-Zone
System of Music Controle
New Panel (F1)
New Mod Graphic: (Comic Book Mod)
Event Music From youtube:
Possibility to set the volume.
The script that allows the use of items in the furniture inside is optimized by 415%.
Admin tool:
Updates list of Items can be picked directly into the furniture:

Errors lua collected and fixed since the 2 last months Fixed:100%
ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:947: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. CreateSound - C:-1
2. ZmodMus - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:947
3. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_classes.lua:91

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_voix.lua:108: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
1. PlayerEndVoice - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_voix.lua:108
2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_voix.lua:69

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:373: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
1. SendText2 - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:373
2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:560

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/entities/entities/bac_1/cl_init.lua:103: attempt to compare number with nil
1. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/entities/entities/bac_1/cl_init.lua:103

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:463: attempt to compare number with nil
1. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:463

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_init2.lua:149: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
1. v - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_init2.lua:149
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/zmodinvechangcl.lua:3702: attempt to index global 'clientenf' (a nil value)
1. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/zmodinvechangcl.lua:3702

ERROR FIXED gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:390: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
1. SendText2 - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:390
2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:577
πŸ“Œ v0.9.2 - Monday 1st of June 2015 08:02:11 PM
New Open World:
Place point of extraction on Outercanal, Valley, Bay, Fork
Server Management:
Improvement of panel of Management.
More word translated in 23 languages availables on Zworld-Afterlife.
Viewer system.
70 Events Music In the play list.
Use the youtube video link, to generate a music event of the server. All players can hear it. Since the panel of Management F2
Ability to pay in a different way. Not only PayPal.
Option to subscribe with AlloPass.
Option to subscribe with Starpass.
Status visible Member donor in the scoreboard.
Automatic activation of the account and instantly after payment. No more waiting for the automatic activation. No need to find and send the steam ID.
New music for the Homescreen created by Nordahl.
Script to include the music in homescreen with fading when menu is close.
Construction: Someone screens: here
A wood cabin
Insert in craft list
Update the wiki
Insert in construction system
Add the cabine in System of persistance
Database script
Zombies script
New detection system: Zombies can break all barricades, regardless the height they are placed.
You can not climb on the heads of zombies. Now they attack.
Can find money in searching on the zombies corpse.
πŸ“Œ v0.9.1 - Monday 11th of May 2015 08:02:11 PM
make an plan of the 7 maps for beginning. Plan Here
Prepare 7 Servers on 7 differents maps of the plan.
Create 16 webpages for the open world
Create/Script Gate of travel without the second loading bar inside of map.
Open 7 Servers on 7 maps of the plan.
'Moans' when hunger and thirst becomes critical Suggestion by Toxido
Optimizing the godlight for the adminod tools.
Chat improvement, color for admin, moderator, owner.
More words Translated in 26 languages.
πŸ“Œ v0.9.0 - Thursday 23rd of April 2015 08:02:11 PM
Talkie Walkie
Chat Improvement: Local Chat
Local is Replaced by Proximity
Possibility to Whisper (Only player distance 1m can see your whisper)
Possibility to use Private Message of the Talkie Walkie (Only player on the same frequency can see the message)
Battrie system for the radio.
Channel Vocal for the Talkie Walkie (Only player on the same frequency can hear)
Furniture: Dresser
Furniture: Endtable
Furniture: Bin
Furniture: Waste Container
Furniture: New Pharmacie Model
Remove all old pharmacies on 32 maps.
Replace new pharmacies on 32 maps.
The system time accumulated on our servers is optimized and corrected.
Adminmod: Can see merchand position in the map with the admineyes.
Changing the probability spawn ammunition. (Rarified)

Fix: A lua error come by rarely when you die related to the display of your score.
Fix: Car trunck. Possibility to lock.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.9 - Saturday 11th of April 2015 08:02:11 PM
The ability to change the rules in the scoreboard.
Auto switch with first person when you aim with the spniper.
Mouse sensibility with the scope.

fix players Killed does not appear in the scoreboard.
fix players Killed does not appear in the console.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.8 - Thursday 2nd of April 2015 08:02:11 PM
Optimizing the rain effect.
The current multiplier is 15, to crash my clientside I increased to 35 in the testes. After optimization of the script, I set the multiplier to 100 without any problems. No loss of performance. Back to 15 the best of cases.
Ability to accumulate heat from a campfire. To embark on winter expeditions outside when the weather is against you.
Breath effect. When it is cold.
New Homescreen
Tool:Scanning system for missing materials.
Optimize effect of pain.
Optimize Voice HUD Effect.
New Panel of Management Server system.
Optimize Admin System.
Optimize Management Server system.
Management Panel: Owner can see date of Start renting and End Date of the rental.
Management Panel: Owner possibility to charge the official list of administrator & Moderators, If he needs help. And of course removing them with one click is easier.
Improved connection time for servers.
Cold effect with trembling.
Whitelist System. The Owners can one-click enable / disable the whitelist. And manage lists of players in the white list. Useful for owner's concern for the serious atmosphere.
Map: gm_bay (nodegraph,compatible with zwa:conflict-survivor,zwa:virus,zwa:ctf,zwa:collect ressource)
Map: gm_forest (nodegraph,compatible with zwa:conflict-survivor,zwa:virus,zwa:ctf,zwa:collect ressource)
Map: rp_v_torrington
Map: rp_neverlosehopehospital_v1
πŸ“Œ v0.8.7 - Thursday 12th of March 2015 08:02:11 PM
The exterior and interior temperature can be measured with the thermometer.
Possibility to warm near a campfire.
Your clothes can be wet if you stay long in the rain.
When diving into water get wet. (Visible icon on the HUD.)
Having the ability to accelerate drying clothes near a campfire.
If the temperature is cold and the clothes are wet the status effect cold will be much quicker.
Cold Bar for the winter when temperature is <= 0Β°C
Owner Option: A New module Afterlight in panel management of the servers. If the module Afterlight is activated (Name find by Popkill). When night falls, slow zombies are automatically converted as runner.
Barricad system: Right Clic to drop the barricade on the ground without fix it.
There are no leaves on the trees during the winter period.
Autumn progression effect
Average Temperature per month

Fixed error lua caused by the new update of Garry's mod.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.6 - Thursday 5th of March 2015 08:02:11 PM
Vocal Panel.
New Local Chat system.
Add column in scoreboard to show the real name of the survivors.
Name system.
Displays your HUD only when you press the inventory or the scoreboard key if you have your "display Hud" unchecked in the f1 menu.
New message in chat displays more long time.
Chat HUD is improved
Possibility to open profil steam of friend in chat zone.

Fixex error lua when you buy flaregun with merchand
Fixed Error lua when you try to eat tuna canned food in a storage.
Glitch of dup ammo box and clip. Reported by Spooky Owner of server called Dead drop.
Glitch can walk when you are heavy. Reported by Spooky.
Fixed error lua caused by the new year in Zworld. Reported by Spooky.
Fixed imperfections of the local chat.
Fixed Glitch ca walk With stamina in 0 and overweight in max.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.5 - Thursday 26th of February 2015 08:02:11 PM
The time indicated by the watch is refreshed in real time from the inventory. No need to close the inventory and open it to display the updated hour.
Set a real position, EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH. on the maps according to the axis of construction of the map. The sun rises now to EST and ends to the WEST.
Optimizing Rain Script. (runs 30% faster than the old script)
Optimizing Inventory Script
Winter system.
Create logo of weather for the Owners option.
Owner can controle the time of the server.
All watches the players on the server are synchronized with the change of hours operated by the owner.
Temperature bar.
Create snow for Winter.
Add snow in the new weather system.
Improve system of weather.
Synchronized the global hours of the servers with position of sun in the sky.
Synchronized days and month of the servers.
Cycle of year based on 365 day in game
Cycle of Saisons
The watch now shows the days and months.
10 Weather Conditions.
Possibility for the Owner to disable the synchronization by unchecking the box.
System with effect typewriter informing the day, date, season, year, and time in the Zworld Universe. When creating a new survivor.
Optimizing the script(New script) cycle of day. The script is very old. He has two years and certainly to be redone, optimizationimprovement can be done. New system save a lot of resource. BandWich CPU
Inventory Improvement
Synchronized Weather on all server.
Owner can controle the weather.
System of trading with panel between players.
System in-game to add a player to your friends list in steam.
Possibility to drink in the metalbuckets without need flask or bottle.
Possibility to drink in the water tank without need flask or bottle.
Add in props protection the bigcrate crafted and the small crate entity. Reported by Spooky
Need Equip in Slot the jerrycan to be used.
Need Equip in Slot the extinguisher to be used.
Improvement of barricade system. Better controle on the construction.
Construction part 1: Possibility to save angles of barricades
Construction part 2: Possibility to attribute the angles saved on other barricades
Npcs Merchand: Position and angles can be save and load in 6 slot per map.
Npcs Merchand can be permanent.
Add Clean button in maintenance menu to remove npcs trader.
Translated new words & phrases in 21 languages.
optimize the script when taking a backpack directly from a furniture.
Improved ban report system.

Can not select the survivors unlocked with the mini-game points virus. Reported by Billy
Fix the white rectangle in the left corner of the screen. Generated by the tool map customization. Reported by Billy Spooky and Popkill.
Fix Icone of Chat when player is not visible.
Fix: Cannot scavenge an object when a zombie is killed nearby. Reported by Billy Spooky and Popkill.
Fixed Slot locked in craft menu when you insert an incompatible item.
Fixed Sensitive trigger when you go out a weapon. Therefore the problem. You lose a weapon and noise attracts zombies.
Fix memory leak in barricade system
Fix the home screen in the team selection, players can now open panel chat to organize.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.4 - Sunday 1st of February 2015 08:02:11 PM
Fixed No access Pharmacie. Reported by Dimen363
Fixed Bug with crate and backpack. Reported by Spooky
Fixed match in inventory. Reported by Spooky
Fixed Glitch to duplicate ammo. Reported by Spooky
Improve the message to alert the auto-maintenance. Suggested by Randy
Fixed Error lua when you try to place jerrycan in spawn menu.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.3 - Thursday 29th of January 2015 08:02:11 PM
Can not move storage crafted.Reported by Jesus Christ 2.0
The bag spawn under the map.
Consommation sans limit de la bouffe pour se soigner.Reported by Nanaki
Optimizing consume food and drink system.
Can drive vehicle destroyed Reported by Rod.
Zombies blocks themself in spawn in Zworld:Conflict-Survivor. Reported by Popkill.
Improvement Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict SurvivorThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
Improvement Zworld-Afterlife:VirusThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
Improvement Zworld-Afterlife:Capture the FlagThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
Improvement Zworld-Afterlife:Collect RessourcesThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
Item freeze when pickup.
Spam Exploit : In crafting, making multiple stock of wood will not make them together inside one stock, they will be one above the other. reproted by popkill
crouched walk= No Sound.
Optimizing & Improvement HUD
Slow progress of the infection bar.
New system oxygen bar under water.
Big optimizing of the stamina system.
Improve and optimizing the overweigh system

Fixed No time to buy weapons in the early game. The zombies attack when it starts. reported by rodney mckey
Fixed Bleeding system. reported by Tim.
Fixed interface of Stock Wood.
Include in the player save Wrench, Fire Extinguisher, Jerrycan,Binoculars. Reported by Bily.
Problem of translation caused error lua. reported by Popkill.
πŸ“Œ v0.8.2 - Tuesday 27th of January 2015 08:02:11 PM
Improvement Ranking System Click to see DEMO HERE
Automatic refresh the webpage of rank.
Optimized Auto Clean Script. Server performance gain.
Add Estonian Language
Update Spanish Language
Death notification in the console more specific. "Died of hunger, thirst, infection". Instead of "Suicide".
Optimizing Vehicle Script. Server performance gain.
System to Unlock player model by playing and win point in minigame of Zworld.
Fuel Sound distance. Reported by Bily
Engine destroy when he is hit with battery. Reported by Bily
Searching/Loading bar when you open furniture
Add reason of kick: "Change your name" (When this one is disrespectful.)
Add new Admin function "Send Wiki" on a player (To open the wiki page on his side. When there is new and does not find the wiki.)
ZwA:Virus-GameFixed Infected can not use the Gesture and the voice panel of human.
ZwA:Virus-Game Gesture and the voice panel is replaced by "Scream" of infected to call all other infected. When you find human fresh.
Add New categorie score: Zombie total killed score
Separate human kill points obtained on PvE and PvP server. In order not to confuse.
Improvement system of global ban. Can act more quickly.
New Skill: Scavenge.
Translation of new text components into 21 languages.
Possibility drinking from a lake or river with hands.
Improve the wood collection system. Also helps to know what tree can be exploited.
New server. Ip does not change. The data is exported.

Fixed some error related to translation and special character.
Fixed Team Switch Function in ZwA:Conflict-Survivor with auto teleportation in camp of team.
Fixed Team Switch Function in ZwA:Capture the Flag with auto teleportation in camp of team.
Fixed Team Switch Function in ZwA:Collect Ressources with auto teleportation in camp of team.
Fixed Camera of Observator in ZwA:Conflict-Survivor Conflict Survivor
Fixed error when round is not finished after all team is dead.
Fixed furniture locked with message "One at a time. Wait."
Fixed in Zwa:Virus Switch Team System
Fixed timer warning of the auto-reboot.
Fixed alterat stat problem in mini-games. (All Glitch know in mini-games is now fixed.)